the marriage amendment

i hate being the “political poster” on facebook. i refuse to scream and rant and blather on about the candidates this year via facebook. i will not, however, refrain from standing up against the marriage amendment in minnesota, which would add wording to the minnesota constitution that would redefine marriage between a man and a woman.

this is not a passing, annoying issue. this is a human rights issue. this is the movement of our generation. i will not apologize for having a voice about this subject. people deserve to be free and equal.

we will look back on outlawing gay marriage just as we look back on the outlawing of interracial marriage. ridiculous. inhumane. unthinkable.

i, for one, will be able to tell my future children that i was on the side that supported equality and love and respect. and i would hope that my children, and my children’s children, will follow suit.